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"It's not just about transforming your physique, it's about transforming your life!"

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About ABfit


ABfit is one of the leading names both globally and in the UK for online physique consulting. Over the past few years Adam Bates has been at the forefront of creating the new field in online coaching with his Physique Based Life Coaching, using his unique tool set and experience to ensure clients improve all aspects of their lives and not just their physiques.

Established in 2012, ABfit has successfully helped 100's of clients to achieve their dream physique and more. Despite the visual results of his clients alone being unrivalled, when you are working with Adam you are improving far more than just your physique. Adam is known for working with some of the worlds most successful people in their chosen fields, helping them to improve not just their physiques, but seeing them thrive in all aspects of life!




The Programmes


Unlike many other online programmes

which offer generalised ‘cookie cutter’ plans, Adam creates a tailor-made plan with you in mind. Your plan will suit you and your lifestyle-including food preferences, work schedules, and other commitments.


In the Press

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With previous clients featuring in ‘Men’s Health’ magazine

Adam has become one of the most sought after coaches in the industry with notable clients ranging from actors, musicians, reality TV stars, politicians to some of the worlds most successful business people, entrepreneurs and CEO's where a plan that fits with their desire to achieve as well as their time constraints is essential!


You can do it


Adam is also a published fitness writer with articles published in both ‘Muscle and Fitness’ magazine and ‘RX muscle’. He is also a published author and public speaker with his first book “30 Tips for 30 Days to a Happier Healthier Life” now available as a digital download. With his expertise globally recognised, it is no wonder that the results that can be achieved by working with Adam are outstanding.

At ABfit we understand that every individual is different and unique, so why shouldn’t your transformation program be?!


Why I do what I do


Over the years my passion for fitness and developing my own physique has evolved into an immense passion for helping others improve not only their physiques, but their mindset and above all else the way they feel about themselves.  

It is the result of a culmination of events through my own life that have seen my values evolve with my passion from seeing the absolute best transformation photos to helping people become happy with all aspects of their lives! It is the moments where you see clients grow through their own challenges to a point of complete happiness in themselves and all aspects of life that is what I live for. It is the journey and the emails I receive thanking me for the role I have played that give me a pleasure I could never have experienced through physique progress alone. It is for this reason that what you will read on the testimonials page means everything to me!

I do not just provide my clients with a plan to follow, I mentor them throughout and ensure that they are in the right place mentally to succeed.  I encourage them to learn as we go and develop a lifestyle that they can continue for the rest of their lives. 

My goal in life is simple – to help as many people improve their lives as possible!  I pride myself on the results of my clients and giving them all the tools they need to succeed not just with their physiques but to feel great too!  Nothing gives me a greater pleasure than to see a clients confidence and happiness increase as we go and to finish their time with me not only looking better but having a positive outlook on life and above all else – being happy!


Become an ABfit Member


As there is a limit to the number of people who I or my coaches can work with on a one to one basis, I decided to create a member’s area to provide a cost-effective solution to those who are not currently able to work with an ABfit coach directly.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.
— Marcus Aurelius

The idea here is to provide those tools that I wish I had available when I first started training. Back then I spent hours day in day out, reading, studying, experimenting and gathering all the information I could to ensure I got the best results form my diet and training. Now, I can give back by taking the confusion away from you as I provide direct access to the type of video content, training plans and nutrition plans that I wish I had access to when I first started out!

  • Weekly workouts all designed by me

  • Sample meal plans that progress through each phase

  • New recipes each week

  • Exercise demonstration videos with voiceovers giving my unique tips

  • New videos added each week to help you learn about training and mindset